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Some Of Our Clients

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What Our Clients Say About Us...

Harinder Ghatora

We asked Harinder what she liked about our web design services. She replied:

"Many things:

  • The prompt responses to my emails
  • The fact I was properly listened to and my wishes were always taken into account
  • The respect and sensitivity with which the contents of my website were treated (I was concerned about this.)
  • The advice and guidance about what constitutes a 'good' website.
  • The up to date technical information and guidance provided eg. re. the new cookies law
  • The clear guidance notes
  • The ongoing offer of help and support".

We asked if there was anything about our services that we could improve upon. Harinder replied:

"I have thought long and hard about this and honestly can not think of anything. I am absolutely delighted with the final website and the way you handled the whole process."

Harinder Ghatora
Counsellor and Holistic Therapist