Harding Genealogy

There have been some frustrations experienced while trying to find out more about James Harding born ca 1813. I have made much greater progress with some of my other lines but the Harding line has proved difficult. Last year I thought I had found a baptism for James Harding amongst the Newchapel parish records only to find later that this James Harding died at the age of four. So it was back to the drawing board with that particular theory.

I have since moved in the direction of recording all Hardings in Mow Cop, a kind of one-name study for the area, in an effort to explore further connections to James Harding. This has proved to be a fascinating study but as yet has brought me no closer to understanding more about the origins of James Harding.

Hardings & Mow Cop

It is clear that the Hardings have a long association with Mow Cop. It rather tantalising to know that a couple of local stonemasons, John and Ralph Harding, built Mow Cop castle in the mid 1700's. At the moment it is not known whether or how I am connected to these Hardings. At one time there was a row of houses in the village known as Harding's Row . The original houses have long since been demolished but the name Harding's Row lives on.

I have also heard a colourful story that the Hardings of a generation or two ago would often get involved in heavy drinking and fighting. On one such occasion one of the Hardings had his eye taken out by a glass. Another source tells me that there was a highway robber named Harding who used to rob coaches between Mow Cop and Kidsgrove. It may well prove difficult to verify such stories though it is certainly interesting to consider them as family legends.

Another rumour is that in the latter half of the 19th century, one particular Harding family at Mow Cop paid 200 to have the Harding family tree researched. The resultant tree apparently went back to at least 1066. If this tree does exist it would be a wonderful find!

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About the Data

This is my collection Harding names in the village of Mow Cop and some neighbouring settlements based upon my findings in Parish Records (Odd Rode, Newchapel, Biddulph), census (1841-1901), Monumental Inscriptions (All Saints & St Thomas) and Birth Marriage & Death certificates.