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Websites in Context - Marketing and All That Stuff

22 2017

by Nigel Harding

Should you do it yourself, engage with a Graphic Creative, choose a web developer, work with a one stop agency? All of these questions spring to mind when considering how to help your business have a successful website. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these solutions, clearly an individual may not have the complete set of skills to deliver a creative and technically sound website, an agency is likely to have office overheads and may work out more expensive. There are individuals out there who have good working relationships with associates or collaborators so can make up for any lack in skills. However, I think that the most important consideration is whether the person or persons that you choose to work with can help you build your business.

In this sense, well-rounded individuals with alot of business experience may be able to add considerable value to helping your busines succeed. We can already see that to arrive at a successful website you need a whole range of skills and disciplines:

  • Marketing
  • Awareness of target audience
  • Understanding of the brand and what it is trying to achieve
  • Understanding what kind of logo will best represent the business and its products or services
  • Creativity, flair and uniqueness in design.
  • Appropriate choice of colours (for appeal to demographics, use of psychology etc)
  • A website design that offers enough information to generate an enquiry but not too much information that it is unclear
  • A website that is technically sound and displays appropriately on all devices
  • A website that has been optimised for search terms (SEO)
  • Interactivity, social media connectivity, ability to capture leads.
  • Activities to raise the profile of the website (and your business)

I would surmise that it is a mistake to look at a website in splendid isolation, in order to be fully effective the website must work in conjunction with the brand, marketing messages and all other client interactions. Furthermore you will almost certainly need to work with a team of individuals in order to arrive at a comprehensive solution.

Our business uses a team of skilled professionals and we assign the relevant parts of the solution to the appropriate individuals.