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Twitter and Google are friends again - what this means for your Social Media strategy

11 2015

by Nigel Harding

We used to recommend that clients use Twitter (this was back in 2009 – 2011) because of the search related benefits. At that time Google showed real-time Twitter results in its search engine results. The partnership cooled for 4 years but at the end of 2014 both parties announced that their relation was back on!

So what do we know and what does this mean?

Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo has announced that Twitter and Google are partners once again. He hasn’t shared many details about the deal and this has left a number of unanswered questions such as what kind of data would be shared?“The way we think about the Google deal is distinct,” Costolo said. Apart from that, Costolo simply said that it would be “several months” before we’d start to see any Google search results that take advantage of the Twitter deal.

So we can’t yet suggest that you turn whole-heartedly to Twitter just because you might show up in trending search results. Twitter is still best used as a micro blogging platform that has the ability to engage with other Twitterers. But we should all “watch this space” because the indications are that there will be changes in favour of Twitter amongst Google’s search results later this year. And any friend of Google should probably become a friend of yours!