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3 things that will help your website stand out from the crowd

16 2013

by Nigel Harding

Let’s be honest, there are more and more website builder and template packages that allow you to build your own website reasonably cheaply these days. However that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will end up owning a successful or effective website. There’s more to a web solution than the mechanics of building a site. Our philosophy is to work with businesses that appreciate the difference that extra quality makes, that understand that a website is part of an internet marketing strategy and that understand that a website is intended to help your business develop and grow.
Here are 3 things that will help your website stand out above the rest.

1. Focus on your prime target audience.

We place a very strong emphasis on this in our web design solutions. First of all define your prime target audience. Identify their age, professions, computer awareness and business requirements. Focus the web site on to them. Forget about your own preferences and prejudices, learn to look at your website from your visitors’ perspective.

2. Use good quality images, graphics, photography and video.

We often come across businesses that use home-made logos or clipart as logos. If you want to stand out then do not underestimate the value of using quality photography or a good quality graphic designer. Inevitably there will be a greater cost involved (use of a Professional photographer rather than your own camera, use a graphic designer’s services to create a professional looking logo design or website design, use of a video production company) but in the long run it will pay dividends and serve you well. You will stand out against your competitors and your website will reassure your prospects that they are looking at a professional business that has considered it’s branding and positioning.

3. Make your content dynamic and interactive

Write a blog to help keep content new and fresh, add (good quality) video, use slide shows and galleries to illustrate your products or services. People (and Google’s Searchbots) will revisit your website more frequently if your content is fresh, relevant and interesting.

If these principles ring true with you, why not give us a call?