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Our list of top website features

06 2013

by Nigel Harding

This is our rather unscientific survey which nevertheless gives a perspective of the most popular website features that we are asked to deliver…

1. CMS (Content Management System)

A CMS offers website owners the ability to update content on their own website by meaqns of an Admin page. Website owners like the idea of being in control and not being beholden to a web designer to update content. We are fine with this idea, we see our relationship with our clients as being a partnership rather than a hostage-terrorist hold-someone-to-ransom type scenario.

This is probably our most requested feature.

2. Blog

We always point out the benefits of having a blog (a means of adding fresh, relevant content to your website and adding value to your visitors) and many of our clients are seeing the benefits of this as part of their marketing campaigns. You can post your article on your blog then promote it using social media or email newsletters.

3. Google Maps

Using the Google Maps API (Application Programming Interface) to add an interactive location map is a very popular feature.

4. Ecommerce

If you are selling goods or services then a solid Ecommerce platform is essential. Many sellers of products are realising the benefits of selling online. A number of our clients do this very successfully.

5. Members only or protected pages

Some of our clients wish to restrict access to some parts of their websites (schools pages for parents or owners wishing to offer customer service pages) and this can be done by either having a registration and signup system or using a generic access password.

6. Video

Videos help bring websites to life, they are eye-catching and communicate like no other medium. We are often asked to embed video into web pages and with the help of our partners can help you shoot a very effective video.

7. Image Galleries

Website owners often have image collections that they wish to display, often using photo albums and image thumbnails that can be clicked on to see a full screen image.

8. Multi Language websites

Some businesses cross national boundaries and in such cases there is a clear benefit in having your website translated into other languages. We have had clients ask for this facility and we have a good understanding of the issues, one of our directors is a language graduate.

9. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Driving to traffic to websites is one of our most popular requests. We usually analyse our clients’ marketing requirements and consult on what we think is the best

10. Websites for smart phones (mobile phones) and tablets

This is certainly something which is taking the web design community by storm. We are seeing much more demand for this requirement, and rightly so. Website owners are recognising the huge uptake in browsing via mobile devices.

11. Other bespoke work

All of our designs and solutions are tailored to suit your requirements. We have had requests to make document repositories, bulletin boards, news pages, product catalogues and bespoke social media platforms available to website visitors.

So whatever your requirements, let us know how we can help…