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  • Web design case study: the development of a sports pitch cost calculator

    14 2016

    There is quite a debate about template or off-the-shelf solutions versus bespoke design and development. In this case study we look at a scenario where only a bespoke solution would fit the bill

  • Copy writing - improving the quality of your website content

    11 2016

    With all the indications being that the quality of your website content is more important than ever we explore some content writing guidelines and investigate whether outsourcing to a copywriter can be an effective ploy.

  • Why we offer website support and why it's a good idea

    01 2016

    We’ve all brought an electrical product and been asked whether we want extended warranty. Most of us say no because we expect the washing machine, vacuum cleaner or MP3 player to serve us well beyond it’s 12 month warranty period. In this post I explain why it’s not quite the same for a website and why you might want to consider your support options up front.