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  • "I have a friend who develops websites" - is this ever a good option?

    10 2014

    It’s an option that we often come across, a prospect may engage in conversations with us but they think they have a friend or know a student who might be able to produce a website for free or at a very low cost. Here’s why that might be a bad idea…

  • Social Media - Onwards and Upwards

    03 2014

    I recently followed an Ocado delivery van and noticed that it was displaying a reproduction of a tweet on its rear panel. We are used to seeing testimonials on company marketing materials and assets but the fact that we are seeing Twitter messages reproduced in this way tells us how far social media is now reaching.

  • Is web design and development a commodity or a service?

    18 2014

    There are an increasing number of shrink-wrapped or off-the-shelf website packages for website owners. So has web design become a commodity or is there still a need for the guidance and expertise of a web designer?

  • Web sites and the 404 error page

    20 2014

    Sometimes overlooked by web designers and developers, there are many reasons why you should have a bespoke 404 error page. If you’re not sure what a 404 error page is and are not sure of the benefits it can offer then read on…

  • Need a new logo?

    28 2014

    This isn’t intended to be a direct sales question but rather a consideration of when a new logo or brand or look is likely to help your business.

  • Keeping your website and email accounts secure

    03 2014

    It’s a huge hassle if your website or email accounts get hacked (broken into). Your website usually ends up being suspended for a time and that often means downtime for your business too. Here are some tips to help you avoid that situation.

  • FaceBook Etiquette and FaceBook Politics

    08 2014

    What are some of the do’s and don’ts of using FaceBook for business? Here are some thoughts on the sort of approach you should aim to adopt.

  • Marketing messages, some lessons for charities and others

    11 2014

    The Tour of Britain cycle race prompts some positive thoughts on the brand of the Novo Nordisk team.

  • SEO tactics - or .com for your domain name?

    26 2014

    Should you use (or other local domain names) or .com as your choice of business domain name? Well, that all depends…

  • Web Design: Taking Products To Market

    16 2014

    How good website design helps take products to market

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