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  • End of the Summer of Love and Back to Business

    13 2012

    Is it possible to compensate for lulls in business? In this competitive and tough economic climate we offer some web-based suggestions.

  • Creating a website that competes with the big boys

    06 2013

    Most small businesses understand the need to have their own web presence in today’s competitive landscape. Large companies with their large marketing budgets have been quick to setup their comprehensive, all-singing, all-dancing websites but that is not to say that smaller businesses don’t have a chance to compete with the big boys.

  • Social Media - Onwards and Upwards

    03 2014

    I recently followed an Ocado delivery van and noticed that it was displaying a reproduction of a tweet on its rear panel. We are used to seeing testimonials on company marketing materials and assets but the fact that we are seeing Twitter messages reproduced in this way tells us how far social media is now reaching.

  • Some Christmas cheer

    15 2014

    Some website and internet marketing hints, delivered with a dose of festive cheer